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Design Your Own Printed Circuit Boards

· Hardware Series

Learn how to draw up circuit board schematics and layouts using Autodesk EagleCAD, a free PCB design tool that is widely used in the DIY and professional hardware engineering community. We will be designing a fitness tracker PCB that can then be sent out for manufacturing and assembled by hand in a future soldering workshop.

Once you’ve learned the basics of EagleCAD, you can draw up production-ready schematics and layouts that are one step away from a manufacturable product. Only a few basic concepts of electrical engineering are needed to be able to implement working designs from datasheets and example circuits.


Saturday, August 17th, 14:00 - 16:00


14:00 - 14:40 - Intro to fundamental electrical concepts

14:40 - 15:20 - Drawing PCB schematics from datasheets

15:20 - 16:00 - Routing and optimizing PCB layouts


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* Free for Agora Space member


Agora Space, Building No.8 Underground, Panyu Road 1199, Shanghai

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