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Farm-to-Table Cooking Workshop

Veggies with energies, local in season, from farm to kitchen

Through this series of workshops, we hope to draw people's attention to the traditional healthy diet in China, think about the problems of eating and drinking in the fast-paced urban life, and improve your thinking and perception of food. Love the earth, love life, love health!

And we only do vegan food!

Theme: The Fermentative Food In Winter

In Chinese traditional philosophy, winter is the season of “preserve and wait”, we use fermentation to preserve veggies and let the time do the magic; thus, some magical food will be brought to the workshop as ingredients.

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Dàfú and Siqin are new farmers, their lifestyle can be called half farm half x, which is a term invented by Japanese people. They are practicing natural farming, which belongs to the field of ecological farming. Plus, they know very well about Chinese traditional eating culture, which is very different than what is usually seen in cities. Meanwhile, they have the experiences of studying & working aboard. Sinqin studied in Netherlands, Dàfú did a working holiday in Australia and New Zealand.

Dàfú is a member of Lan Body Lab, the owner of Dafu’s Homestay. He lives a self-sufficient, sustainable farming life in ChongMing Island. And explore the wisdom of ancestors' creations, natural farming, organic food, traditional recipes , transformation of old things. He communicates with the earth and all the creatures while working on the farm, perceives the unique smell, taste and life characteristics of the plant, showcases it in natural and healthy food.

Food designer, event curator, new farmer, kongfu dancer Have been working in shanghai for nearly 7 years. Advocating sustainable lifestyle. Deeply connected with nature. Farming inspires me a lot for cooking, dancing and designing. Both of us are new farmers, our lifestyle can be called half farm half x, we are practicing our cooking&eating towards sustainability.


14:00-14:30 Dafu and Siqin make a dish demonstration on the spot, the audience can not speak, careful observation, but can use other senses: touch, feel, smell, look, etc.,;

14:30-15:00 Draw lots on site and divide into groups according to cooking methods. The group will check the available tools and ingredients, and discuss to determine the work split among the group members; During the discussion, the group can view the inspiration atlas at will to help spread the imagination.

15:00-15:45 The team shall start to operate at its own working table, and do the plating.

15:45-16:30 Each group shall introduce their own food works in turn, while the others can listen and taste, and ask questions.


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