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Want to learn to code in a collaborative environment? Looking to expand your career opportunities? Want to learn how to build new digital products? Learn to code with us! Come join Coderbunker’s vibrant community at our monthly FREE coding workshop. Coderbunker is a community of developers providing tech resources to companies to meet their tech needs. Coaches will guide new learners to work on HTML/CSS, JavaScript, or Python.


Here at CoderBunker, we provide an optimal environment for learning. Through our co-learning methodology, participants in these sessions can follow advanced facilitators, grow in a self-paced online curriculum, and help each other succeed. Coderbunker is a community of skilled individuals with a wide range of specialties.

Co-Learning is cooperative learning (co-learning) sessions in a work environment where participants are following advanced facilitators, self-paced online curriculum and helping each other succeed. We create a good environment for learning with peers, offer opportunities to apply skills to real projects and coach new developers to use industry standard practices. Check out our colearning scoreboard on freeCodeCamp at


Wednesday, August 21st, 18:30 - 21:00


Bring your won laptop:)


Click here for RSVP

* Free for Everyone


Agora Space, Building No.8 Underground, Panyu Road 1199, Shanghai

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