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Sourdough Bread Workshop

Learn a traditional Sourdough recipe with Likeminded friends

· All you can cook,Cultural experience,Meet the Community

Due to public demand, Sourdough Bread Workshop is back!

So why sourdough? In your gut, there are more bacteria (the friendly kind) than you have cells in your body. This bacteria is like a base stone of your immunity and health - if you treat it well, your health and immunity will keep improving.

A sourdough starter that is used instead of yeast in sourdough baking has a lot of bacteria in it, that de-activate anti-nutrients in whole grains that prevent us humans from absorbing them, pre-digests gluten and also makes the raising of the bread happen.

We invite you to join us again and enjoy this process of making a loaf of simple sourdough bread, and dine a sourdough-bread-based lunch together!

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