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Train an AI through trial and error

Understand AI Reinforcement Learning In An Approachable Way

Understand a basic Reinforcement Learning method without spending hours doing research online. Learn to write code just by playing simple video games.

Learn how to train an AI boot efficiently from an experienced software developer. This Saturday, January 18th, Mohammed will help you understand the basics of AI learning methods in an approachable and quick way. All you need is some (very) basic python skills and dedication.


Mohammed started as a C++ developer working in a "cubicle company".  In France for 3 years then a year and a half in Shanghai. At first, motivated by curiosity about freelancing he started attending CoderBunker  co-learning workshops. It took a year before becoming a Freelancer. Finally leaving the "metro - work - sleep - repeat" stressful life. During this short talk, Mohammed will share with you his experience tips and tricks to assemble efficiency growth and serenity.


AGENDA 14:30-15:00 Check-in and networking 15:00 Presentation  15:30 Coding exercises 16:00 Questions session 16:30 If extra time is available diving deeper in the topic with extra explanation about Deep
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