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  • high performance work

    Fanatical customer support

    24/7 performance monitoring for internet, energy, air quality, noise control

    Uniquely crafted work environment to boost your performance

    Unrestricted Internet, tested every 5 seconds!

    Mate, tea, kombucha, cappuccino, there's always a better option than Coke for your caffeine fix.




    Hot desk

    1160 RMB per month

    Stay flexible and grab yourself a new seat at every dusk or dawn.

    Ergonomic chairs, custom desks and own 24" monitor. No compromise on productivity for your hot desk

    Fixed desk

    1460 RMB per month

    More on the stable side of life? Then secure yourself an ever fixed desk where you can leave your laptop and documents and rest assured that there will be no surprises with your adjusted seat height upon return.

    Your own office

    Starting at 4000 RMB per month

    You want it all? Well, then go for it and enjoy all the benefits of a co-working space from the comfort of your own private office. And flexible as we are, we can make anything happen for you, so that the only thing you have to worry about might just be how often to water your plants.

    Meeting rooms

    0 RMB for members

    To discuss and present all your crazy ideas, just abuse one of our meeting rooms. They are free for all members, are equipped with TV-screens and whiteboards and can be reserved from your seat with just a click of your finger. And hey, free coffee for your guests as well.

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