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    Training, workshops, presentations, meetups and more

  • Flexible event space to meet your needs

    Community meet-ups and events

    Host a dinner, cooking workshop, movie screening or any other community meet-up you can think of, it's our mission to host communities in Shanghai.

    Trainings, Talks & Lectures

    Up to 80 people setting to host your training, talk or lecture with dual screens and projectors.

    Conferences and Panels

    Want to host a conference with a panel of speakers? We got you covered with setting up stage + screens with flexible seating area.

    Workshops & Hackathons

    Want to host a workshop or a hackathon? Enjoy a student desk setting for all your needs with blazing fast internet speed and screens to showcase your projects.


    Enjoy our home-made catering, including pizza, finger foods and snacks. We also offer a variety of imported beers, wine, and soft drinks. Feel free to tell us your needs and requirements. We are here to support you.

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    Through this series of workshops, we hope to draw people's attention to the traditional healthy...
    Understand a basic Reinforcement Learning method without spending hours doing research online....
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