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Cross Cultural Communication Training Workshop
Sept 9th 2017:
British brother duo Liam and Brendan McManus are bringing their training excellence to Shanghai in an action packed Cross Cultural Training Session! They will be delivering a 4 hour session bringing Asian and Western cultures closer together! (Delivered in both English and Chinese AT THE SAME TIME!)

Past Events

Shanghai VR Gathering
June 12th 2016:
During the next decade, if something were to radically change the media industry, VR (virtual reality) is the most likely thing. There is no doubt that the VR industry is emerging in 2016.
How is China becoming a hub for VR? From hardware engineering to artistic experience, the whole VR industry is exploding in China and connecting to the world.

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Coderbunker a software focused hackerspace in Shanghai:
  • A Community of Selected Software Developers
  • A Platform for Events, Talks, Meetup
  • Co-Learning Community
  • Tech-Centric Business incubator


Shanghai Photography Conference

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