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    Entrepreneurs can face very challenging situations and don't have all the expertise to address them. Whether it is about design, software engineering, marketing, finance, management ... There are just too many questions and entrepreneurs need support. Experts from the community teamed up and created Agora Labs to help startups face these challenges with proper guidance.

    You can apply for a FREE 1-hour one to one micro consultations package and receive professional reports to guide you into growing your business.

    UI Review

    Submit your app or website

    Is my website user friendly?
    Will it convert visitors to achieve my goal?
    Get a professional designer to analyze your website and report the main areas of improvement.

    CMS audit

    Wordpress, DjangoCMS, Wagtail, Drupal, Gatsby

    Why is my website slow? Will it get hacked? Are my developers using professional engineering practices?
    Get a senior web developer to review your current website situation.


    Boost engagement and achieve your business goals

    How can you achieve your business outcomes with game mechanics in non-game business scenarios?
    Introduce gamification in your website or app in order to alter users' behavior.

    Business data modeling

    CRM, sales, operation
    Bring your Excel and CSV

    How to organize your business data and get meaningful reporting. Get a data analyst to set up a workflow and help you get started.


    Get your finances under control

    Consultation, review your finance operation and investment strategy with a senior CFO.


    From partnership to company

    Business structure, share agreements, vesting agreement between partners etc.

    Product Backlog

    Bring your feature list and project task board

    Introduction to SCRUM
    Rewriting features as user stories to fit product backlog

    Introduction to estimate and prioritization

    Refactoring and code review

    Refactor and fix the inefficiencies 

    Boost the productivity of your developers, by learning the art of refactoring and clean code design. Face to face consultation with 10+ year-experience developers.

    Pitch deck

    Boost your sales and know how to pitch like a pro

    Review and optimize your slide deck.
    Need a training on how to pitch ?

    Are you an expert ?

    If you want to share your expertise with founders and help startups to grow - join Agora Labs

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