• Your Private Office at Agora Space

    Starting from 4,800 RMB

  • Simplicity meets authenticity

    When the fastest internet in town is in your office

    Imagine FB, IG, YT, and TW working perfectly well for you...

    Yes, you got it right. We do not only provide you with a top speed internet but with a free and reliable *** solution for your business operations. Our team of technicians works furiously everyday in order to ensure that your work environment is hassle-free. Simply come and work, plug, and play.

    Custom design for your individual needs

    Some like it hot, some like it quiet. How do you like it?

    Stop adapting to space you work from, let the space of adapt to you. We will help you to move and change what is needed in order to let that office to be the most productive place to work from that you can ever imagine.

    Ergonomic Chairs & 2K 24-inch monitors

    Because you deserve it.

    No matter how smart you are, your back deserves a good chair and your eyes deserve to be in front of a wide and clear picture. Working long hours is a common trait that we see among members of our community. Our goal is to support and maximize every minute you put into work at Agora Space.

    Fully equipped kitchen space

    You can easily forget about Starbucks now since all the coffee and tea are for free here.

    Are you a health foodie? Keep your lunchbox with home-made food in a fridge. Feel like cooking? Not a problem when you have all the cookware needed at the same place.

    +Tech Support

    When you have no time to dig into why your tech does not work as it should

    For those unforgettable moments, when you are right in the middle of something extremely important or urgent and your machine is giving up on you... Well, it happens. We get you covered here as well. Thanks to our network of magicians in the Tech industry, there are 99,9% chances that we know how to solve your problem.

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